Lost Links

by Cornelius Coffin

Myths of the near past

Lost Links is a series of supernatural hybrids that blend human and animal attributes. They represent some of the possibilities for combining human and non-human nature that have become 'real' in the collective imaginary. This archetypal spectrum includes beings from mythology, films, and religion, both current and past.

The project has been ongoing for quite some time and remains open.

Radiography as a representation of reality

The X-ray nature of this hybridarium gives us no reason to question its existence. In essence, an X-ray is irrefutable in the sense that it is the interior image of a living being, an intimate and solid proof of its reality.

The artwork in this collection was created using x-rays from the Barcelona Zoo, veterinarians, friends, and relatives.

The mermaid (siren, Σειρήν)

Despite being part of ancient mythology, this creature has stayed practically unchanged throughout history. It is also a hybrid that fits well into the category of the femme fatale and frequently symbolises the temptation that seduces with the voice.

Digital X-ray collage.

The Sphinx (sphinx, Σφίγξ)

This mythological 'beast' represents the possession of wisdom, all the answers, and knowledge from the past.

In this work, she is shown as pregnant, which reinforces the impression of the mystery hidden within.

Digital X-ray collage.

Gorgon/Medusa (Gorgona, Γoργόνες)

The Gorgon, also known as Medusa, represents the dark and destructive aspects of female nature. Here's another femme fatale who turns people into stone when they look at her. Although it is not as popular as other archetypes, a variety of creators have used its iconography, including Caravaggio, Gianni Versace, and Josef von Sternberg in his film "The Shanghai Gesture," with the wicked and beautiful Mother Gin Sling.

Digital X-ray collage.

The vampiress (vampyrus, Λάμια)

A super myth, thanks to its success in literature and cinema, not only reminds but also complements the devil. It is a modern version of the lamia. Its non-living nature and ability to transmute, similar to that of a god, combined with its need for human blood as a forbidden source of energy, place it in a more eschatological category.

Digital X-ray collage.

Angel (angelus, ἄγγελoς)

Another traditional example of mythological imagery that, after being processed by Christianity, has become the sublime in spirituality, a symbol of protection and, by extension, goodwill. It would be impossible to list all of the artistic, graphic, symbolic, cinematographic, literary, and religious examples of this hybrid. A solid pop icon.

Digital X-ray collage.

She-devil/Minotaura (diable, Γελλώ)

The archetype of evil par excellence, and very popular in the chimerical realm. It represents amorality and ambiguity in their purest form, and its validity is undeniable.

Digital X-ray collage.  

The centauride (Centaur, Κενταυρίδες)

A clear example of duality and conflict between good and evil, instinct and self-control, and spiritual and animal nature. She is also a good illustration of the opposite aspect of the mediaeval knight, essentially the domination of the unconscious over the conscious.

Digital X-ray collage.  

Sheclops (cyclops, Κύκλωπας)

Making the cyclope female allowed me to portray her as a sweet, coquettish, and vulnerable giant, completely opposite to the crazy, stupid, and irrational Polyphemus character.

Digital X-ray collage.


Cornelius Coffin is a collage artist working with 19th-century magazines, medical books, watercolours, scissors, photoshop, X-rays and magnifying glasses.

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